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Hi Shanshan,I am intrigued by your discussion of “second handed information” online, I guess it is truly problematic when online information gets updated almost every second. It is really hard for us to keep up with the trend, hence, sometimes,… Continue Reading →

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Hi Shanshan,Thank you for sharing~ I think media literacy is gaining its importance at the present. At least from my point of view, perhpas it is because I have been taken many courses about media literacy, and now it’s an… Continue Reading →

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Hello, Shanshan.I like your discussion of how you would use your PLN post -course. In my view, Twitter is great place for expanding our PLN. If you use LinkedIn, you would see that LinkedIn is a good place for job… Continue Reading →

Original Work-Fantasy

    No one will understand, or believe in this story. The story I am about to tell. I was the only surviving witness from my village that saw what really happened. I feel obligated to do so—revealing the details… Continue Reading →

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Consider our guest and their steps in building a podcast relying on a PLN. Can your PLN be used to help professional development post-course? If yes, how? If not, what limitations exist? Can your PLN be relied on to open… Continue Reading →

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– What is media literacy? In the interview with Julie Smith, her descriptions of media literacy are kind of like the language of media, for example, films have their own language system, and which is different from that of television–a… Continue Reading →

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This week is all about inclusivity and diversity. For me, I always think online learning is more inclusive than in-person learning. It is not that professors and classmates are mean in schools, it is that we don’t have the time… Continue Reading →

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Hi Qingning Liu,I enjoyed your story of the Chinese middle-aged police! I think the logic of knowing your audience before you post anything online is the same as knowing customer behaviour in business. When we have an idea what audience… Continue Reading →

Blog Post#8

Explore the video provided and reflect on the themes of a PLN in a professional capacity. This video makes me rethink what PLN really does. Baker said that PLN can push us to work harder, toward our common goal, because… Continue Reading →

Blog Post 7 – Community engagement is public communications

What are the benefits of a diverse and inclusive PLN in social media sharing that understands where you are coming from with messaging that impacts the community? 2. Research our guests and see how they leveraged their network into a… Continue Reading →

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